Payment Plan

I now offer payment plans using These payment plans are designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy and collect art. It enables clients who may not usually buy art to start a collection with payments spread over a reasonable time period or established collectors to purchase higher priced works. The great thing about using is that I can allow customers to change the duration and frequency of the payment plan terms.

You will find my Payment Plan Terms and Conditions outlined on this page. Please also view’s own set of Terms and Conditions.

NOTE: The Payment Plan option is available for artwork priced $80 and up and for pieces being sold directly through my website.

* is not offered on discounted/SALE artwork that is less than $80 even if original price was $80+*

* is not offered on the current Artist Support Pledge Promotion.*

How it works:

  • After you click the button (under the payment options that’s included with the applicable products and their product page), you will be prompted to fill out your information and then the next screen will be the Payment Plan terms.
  • I am now requiring a 25% down payment as well as only allowing the Payment Plan duration to be between 2 and 12 months and frequency to be between 2 and 4 weeks. Based on your duration and frequency, you will see the payment fluctuate prior to agreeing to the terms.
  • After choosing your duration and frequency, you can then proceed to checkout. You will be prompted for your payment information as well as consenting to the contract that you will need to digitally sign. Please note, all payments will be automatically drafted from the payment information that you initially include.
  • The art stays with me until it is paid in full.
  • Shipping will be charged separately once payments are completed.

I am now using in hopes to streamline this process for clients. If for some reason you are experiencing issues, please do feel free to contact me if you are having issues with setting up a payment plan. I can be reached through my Contact Page or Email Me.

Additional Information:

Once a Payment Plan has been initiated, you have agreed to follow the Terms and Conditions as listed on this page. You will be e-mailed regarding the details of the Payment Plan as well.

Once the first payment has been made, the artwork is considered sold and is removed from the market. Artwork will not be shipped until it is paid in full.


If you can't make a monthly payment, you must contact me as quickly as possible. If I do not receive payment and I do not hear from you, I will make every effort to contact you to resolve the situation. But if I receive no payment or communication from you for 30 consecutive days, you will be in default, and the payment plan will be terminated. The reserved artwork will go back on the market, and you will forfeit whatever payments you have already made.


If you have initiated a payment plan and for some reason, after having made one or more payments, wish to cancel the payment plan, you may do so with the following conditions:

  • You must notify me immediately so that I can put the art back on the market.
  •  You understand and agree that payments are non-refundable.