Artist Bio
Dana Hassard is a self-taught artist from Rocky Mount, NC (currently resides in the Raleigh, NC area) who loves experimenting with color, texture, and movement when it comes to painting. She found her love for art at an early age. She started with drawing and was inspired by comic books, watching cartoons, reading books, movies and video games. As she grew older she expanded her tastes and inspirations. She learned to capture the moment with photography or express her emotions and inspiration through painting or drawing. Over time through struggle and heartache, she knew that art was essential in expressing herself. She wants her emotions (and sometimes the pain comes with it) to become a teacher, not a master.

My Method of Madness

I truly believe that creating art is my gift from God...I find inspiration from God, nature, music, books, movies, and moments from every day life. I take the color palette from my inspiration and go wherever my intuition and soul take me with each brush stroke. I grab my brushes and/or palette knives, paint, canvas and turn on some music (and usually sing a long) while I paint.

Artist Statement
My work is a reflection of the interpretation of my ideas whether it is about my surroundings, my dreams, or myself. I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. Inspiration and ideas change and different mediums allow me to express those different ideas and inspiration. With each piece I am telling a story. I feel each layer reveals a story about my paintings...my journey for each painting...where I started to where I ended up. I don't always start with a plan. I enjoy the unknown of where my painting will take me. My hope is that each viewer is engaged with my artwork and wants to look closely at each brush stroke, marking, and layer and be inspired to find their own connection with me and my art.